Customers and Partners

Knowledge Loop aligned itself with the industry leading technologies companies and visionary consulting organizations to deliver "best of breed" solutions for our customers. We integrate with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and SalesFrorce.Com CRM systems and Oracle and SAP ERP Systems. Our products can be deployed on MS Windows or Linux and leverage Oracle, Microsoft or Open Source technology stacks in various hardware environments such as Dell, HP, IBM, Sun, etc.

Our customers select Knowledge Loop because the strength of our product offerings, software capabilities, excellent professional services and flexible deployment options. These are the examples of what we consistently hear from our customers:

  • Knowledge Loop has revolutionized our approach to customer service with its Collaborative Case Management software and enabled us to support our customers and partners in 30 countries with under 20 support agents. We were able to achieve dramatically improved service resolution, reducing escalations by 18%, staff errors by 30% and hold times by more than 22%.
  • Our company was looking for better ways to leverage information spread across multiple groups within the company as well as creating additional knowledge articles to help our rapidly growing customer base find answers on Customer Support portal instead of calling our support agents. We also wanted our support agents and VARs to leverage the same knowledgebase, but have different visibility levels for the articles. Knowledge Loop delivered this capability for us quickly and efficiently. Three months after deploying Knowledge Loop our self-service customer support portal utilization increased by 28% and number of incoming support calls per customer decreased by 18%.
  • Integrating Knowledge Loop's collaborative case management software with our existing CRM solution enabled us to enhance our customer first contact resolution rate by 12 percent and decrease escalation rates by 38 percent. Knowledge Loop delivered exactly what was promised for us.
  • We deployed Knowledge Loop's case management and knowledge management solutions to support our VARs and empowering frontline staff to have a continuous conversation with VARs, transforming the business and driving increased sales and customer satisfaction levels. The results exceeded our expectations. The sales from our VARs increased by 20% while the number of support escalations from VARs decreased by 30%

Join the growing list of our customers who have consistently achieved reduction in incoming support calls combined with the double-digit increases in customer satisfaction and support agents efficiency. Please contact us if you would like to learn more or discuss your specific needs.