Customer Support Portal

Knowledge Loop eliminates unnecessary contacts to the call center by enabling or enhancing existing self-service capabilities of the Customer Support Portals.

Knowledge Loop extends traditional Customer Support Portal capabilities by adding sophisticated information retrieval, self-service resolution, assets management, content upload/download capabilities, collaboration and knowledge utilization analytics.

For companies interested in replacing their existing Customer Support Portal, Knowledge Loop offers end-to-end solution, including redesign of business process to increase rate of self-service, usability analysis, user interface design, technology implementation (deployment and customization of pre-packaged capabilities) and integration with internal systems.

KnowledgeLoop's Customer Support Portal self-service capabilities enable customers obtain information, apply for services and complete transactions more quickly than ever before.

Knowledge Loop provides unified, access-controlled, information to CSRs and Customers. It closely monitors information utilization and suggests content improvements opportunities to the knowledge management team, making process of content creation, management and publishing easier and transparent to the organization. By integrating feedback and content improvement suggestions provided by Community of Customers, Employees and VARs, Knowledge Loop enables continuous content improvement process and ensures that content becomes more relevant over time vs. getting desynchronized with the business and stale.

To enable rapid and cost-effective deployment, Knowledge Loop provides "Out-of-the-box" templates that can be styled and customized to fit company requirements.

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