Teamwork and Collaboration

Leaders across industries, from large to midsize organizations, are seeking to empower their customer-facing people and partners with tools that improve customer insight and simplify how these parties work together. They want Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies that are simple to use, adapt to their existing workflows, and are designed not just to capture a pre-selected list of transaction details but to help companies:

  • Collaborate with customers and partners to resolve incidents
  • Effectively Leverage online customer self-service resources
  • Work with customer feedback and partners to drive innovation from concept to commercialization by enabling people to work together on the research, design, and development of new products.
  • Share information, tools, and infrastructures among employees, suppliers, distributors, business partners, and the customer in a closed-loop network.
  • Build communities and turn every interaction into an opportunity for building strong customer connections and revenue generation.

Collaboration is the basis for bringing together the knowledge, experience and skills of multiple team members to contribute to solving a problem more effectively than individual team members who trained to perform their narrow tasks in support or product development. Teams can produce better results when they combine their resources. As such collaboration is the basis for efficient customer support and handling support escalation cases.

Knowledge Loop's seamlessly connects people, ideas, and processes to satisfy all your collaboration, compliance, and business process requirements.

  • Use discussion forums to discuss and comment on documents or ideas with colleagues
  • Email documents to coworkers securely from within the application
  • "Tag" or label document contents and let colleagues know what you're working on
  • Keep your coworkers in the loop by publishing document and folder changes to your company dashboard